About Us


Sambhav research solution is pioneer in providing on demand solution for clinical, medical and basic sciences and pharmaceutical research. Our company provides customer with access to the newly published full text articles each year as well as existing articles that have been published in the past. We also provide our customer helping them to identify the content that is most important for their research. We provide services to help our customers in protocol designing, project writing, submission to Ethics committee, Hindi translation for patient information sheet, submission of project for funding, Data analysis, manuscript writing and publication to scientific journals. We help our customers to save time and money and speed their discoveries and accuracy in their findings.
Our target customers
School students who require help for preparing science projects
College students who require help for biological science projects
University Students for biological science projects design and writing proposal
PhD, MBBS, MD, DM student for designing proposal, hypothesis, literature search, getting full text of journal articles, writing thesis, editing, submission for research for publications, plagarism check
Ph.D Thesis and Synopsis