Statistical Data Analysis

Our experienced bio-statisticians offer excellent statistical consulting services to help you with any aspect of the statistical analyses for your qualitative and quantitative study. We are highly committed to the success of our client who hires our services for statistical analysis assistance. We use STATA, R, SPSS, Excel, RevMan, Stat Direct, Comprehensive Meta-analysis etc for statistical analysis.
Our services in brief includes
Write statistical analysis section for proposal writing
Help in correct writing of research question and hypothesis as per existing guidelines
Conduct statistical for the collected data at any phase of the study
Provide clear and simple reports with appropriate tables and figure of the conducted statistical analysis
Provide assistance on phone/email/chat for better interpretation and understanding of the statistical procedure that that we conduct and make sure you completely understand the reason for selection of specific statistical analysis
Provide editing services for statistical analysis section and result of manuscript and thesis chapter
Assistance on phone/email till you successfully completed your thesis.

Few of statistical analysis tests what we use are
• Chi-square test
• Fisher's exact test
• McNemar's test
• T-test
• Mann-Whitney test/Wilcoxon ranksum
• Wilcoxon signed rank test
• Freidmans test
• Correlation
• Repeated measure of ANOVA
• Logistic regression
• Linear regression
• Conditional logistic regression for matched data
• Shift Analysis
• Ordinal logistic regression
• Cluster Analysis
• Power Analysis
• Survival Analysis
• Cox regression analysis
• Sample size calculation for various study designs like
• Sample size calculation for all types of study design eg. Case control study, cohort study, cross sectional study, randomised controlled trial, non-inferiority trial, superiority trial, equivalence trial along with suggestion and justification
• Preparation of various type of graphs and figures
• Genetic Data Analysis like haplotype analysis, Linkage analysis
• Inverse Variance, Odd ratio, Risk Ratio, Risk Difference

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Our policy does not use any previous research data or research works of others. We assure that strict confidentiality will be maintained and shall be made to offer excellent quality original research.